Providing MyClinic365 With the Resources Needed to Turn an Idea into a Scaling Business 

MyClinic365 is a patient engagement platform designed to meet the unique needs of general practitioners.

With patient-centred workflows, MyClinic365’s integrated technology allows clinical practices to automate resource-intensive processes and drive efficiency. This, in turn, allows staff to focus on higher value tasks. 

The company was founded in Ireland in 2019 by Laura Malone and Keith Lyne. Laura, a GP, had been managing her multi-disciplinary medical practice for over 12 years. In 2018, she spotted a gap in the market for an online platform that would reduce unnecessary admin work and improve patient communication using 24/7 online services. Together with Co-Founder Keith Lyne (former Head of IT at Fexco), the pair set about creating a solution.  

MyClinic365 is a suite of applications for doctor appointment booking and GP office administration. The patient app includes a chatbot which allows patients to book, change or cancel appointments at the click of a button. The app takes payments and gives patients the option to select their doctor and appointment. It then sends confirmation to the patient and places the appointment in the GP’s calendar. The second module is a SaaS doctor onboarding module which allows doctors to add their clinic to the platform, complete with their profile, staff members, calendar and payment mechanism. The GP admin app is designed to streamline the flow of patients through the clinic. In doing so, the app allows staff to prepare, manage and follow up on appointments.

Key Takeaways

In 2019 by Laura Malone and Keith Lyne
Patient Relationship
MyClinic365 handles patient communication all the way from booking an appointment to making payments
Addressing Two Key Issues
The platforms focuses on reducing the administrative burden associated with running a GP surgery and on improving patient relationships
Around-the-Clock Patient Care
Real-time integration coupled with 24-hour self-scheduling, allows clinics to stay open for business 24/7
The patient app includes a chatbot which allows patients to book, change or cancel appointments at the click of a button

A Technology Partnership From Initial Idea to Proven Product

MyClinic365 engaged with Keeper at a very early stage in its evolution. The company was founded in 2019 and has been working with Keeper from the very outset. The initial project was based around Keeper’s AI Design Sprint. This is a project-based engagement model which guides the client from ideation to fully formed software product.

This project was a true technology partnership. Keeper engaged MyClinic365 from an early stage in the initial research process. Keeper kicked off with a short Design Sprint phase which involved the classic UX/Product Design elements. This included UX workshops to map personas, user paths and define lo-fi UI. These preliminary stages were used to clarify the functionality, use-cases and scope of the product. 

Providing a Detailed Agile Development Roadmap

In parallel with this initial research phase, Keeper’s architects used the initial designs and client preferences to map out the technical architecture of the product (which was serverless, cloud-based and scalable). The initial consulting assignment involved a detailed design of phase 1 development. 

Keeper’s architects and developers collaborated to draft an approximate set of development tasks required to develop the initial three-module MVP. Based on these task projections, Keeper created a phased and budgeted plan for the agile development project. The scope for phase 1 included a 5 month development project involving a multi-functional team of 10 people. Personnel required included a UX designer, a conversational interface designer, a technical architect, a project manager, full-stack developers, a DevOps consultant, and software quality personnel. 

MyClinic365 went live in December 2019 and was in beta testing with a dozen clients in Q1 of 2020. Once the product went live, Keeper scaled back its team to a core of two developers and a part-time DevOps consultant. This enabled the client to significantly reduce monthly expenditure while the MVP was in beta.

About the Project

The engagement commenced in 2019
Launching an MVP
MyClinic365 needed assistance with turning an idea into a prototype, followed by building and launching its MVP
Tech Stack
Node.js, Serverless, JIRA, Confluence, AWS, Slack, Amazon Connect, Angular 2 (JavaScript framework), Bootstrap (CSS framework), Stripe (online payment processing), AWS Lex, AWS Code Commit (as a code repo)

From Proof of Concept to Minimum Viable Product

With Keeper’s help, MyClinic365 has been able to go from proof of concept (POC) to a working product. This product included a suite of three modules for each of their market segments. The partnership has allowed MyClinic365 to access a diverse range of specialist design and development skills in a cost-effective manner. This technology partnership has allowed MyClinic365 to go to market quickly while mitigating risks and making optimal use of limited financial resources.

The value and importance of MyClinic365’s platform was underscored during the COVID-19 pandemic as GPs were put under severe pressure. In-person visits were reduced to stop the spread of the virus so online and telemedicine services became all the more important. During this time, MyClinic365 announced that it would be donating its telemedicine platform to doctors and allied healthcare professionals for free for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. 

Following the success of the initial Design-Build-Operate project, Keeper Solutions has continued to work with MyClinic365 in a technology partner role.

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