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Supercharge Your Business With a Generative AI Chatbot

We help you investigate and identify the highest value use cases for a gen AI chatbot. 
We build a Proof Of Concept Chatbot using the OpenAI API, which is then vigorously user tested and validated.

Want to explore all the ways that your business can be enhanced with Gen AI? Working collaboratively with you, we analyze your user personas, user journeys and user stories to uncover the highest value use cases for a Gen AI chatbot.

We deliver your MVP and put forward a roadmap for success, including expert AI support service.
We outline next steps including training a custom LLM that doesn’t solely rely on OpenAI.

A More Intuitive and Engaging Conversation Model

Gen AI chatbots can provide real-time, around-the-clock user support, answering queries and promptly resolving issues. The interactions between customers and Gen AI chatbots closely resemble human discussions where chatbots understand customer intent.

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Accelerate Your Customer’s Path Through Defined User Journeys

Gen AI is more than just a conversational bot. When trained the right way, a Gen AI chatbot can carry your customers through entire user journeys and complete tasks such as credit risk assessments, loan approvals and insurance underwriting. 

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“Keeper Solutions has been an essential partner since the beginning, helping us to navigate a variety of operating scenarios due to their sheer willingness to adapt and add value.”

Barclay Keith
Co-Founder, and CEO

Barclay Keith
Co-Founder, and CEO

The Keeper Solutions AI Lab: Unlocking The Power of AI

In 2022, we set up the Keeper Solutions AI Lab. This is a focused space where a dedicated team of AI specialists work together to research the latest technologies and their potential within FinTech software development.

Dedicated AI Specialists

While Keeper Solutions has a team of over 80 software developers, we try to ensure that at least 3 AI specialists work exclusively in our AI Lab at all times.

Prompt Framework

Our team also builds comprehensive prompt frameworks. These are based on user journeys and the conversation flows required for a user to complete a task. 

Gen AI Research and Development

We focus our research on specific areas within AI. This is currently centered around Gen AI chatbots and how companies can utilize the Chat GPT API.

AI Training

Generative AI is constantly evolving and we dedicate a significant amount of time on upskilling and training on platforms such as Vertex AI, Chatterbot and GPT-5.

Discovery to Deployment

When we work with you, we become a long-term strategic partner
Discovery & Investigation

Our clients take an active role in the discovery stage, helping us to better understand the company, its users and its systems. This takes the form of an AI Design Sprint. At the end of this stage you are left with a clickable prototype.

Build Your Product

Once you have your prototype, you can decide if you want to pursue it. Once confirmed, we help you turn your prototype into leading edge financial software. We utilize an agile design approach, where we consider the user above everything else.

Deploy, Iterate & Scale

Building your product isn’t the end of the journey. Once your product is launched a dedicated team stays with you throughout the business lifecycle, helping you grow from funded start-up to established scale-up and beyond.

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