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Design, build and scale cutting-edge financial software while enjoying the perks of outsourced software development. 
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Keeper’s Outsourced Software  Development Model

Keeper Solutions builds world-class financial software for firms across the UK, Europe and North America. However, our team of over 80+ developers is mainly located in mainland Europe, in our network of delivery centers across Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Poland. Thus, when you work with us you reap the rewards of a more cost-effective outsourced software development business model. 

“New features roll out each month, and user volume has increased tenfold. Keeper Solutions is flexible and friendly, and the business relationship is strong.”

Tiernan Kennedy

Tiernan Kennedy

Easily Scale Resources Up And Down As Required

Our outsourced software development model offers you much greater freedom and flexibility. Instead of hiring a full-time team that can put a huge strain on resources, you can scale resources up and down depending on workloads, current projects and tasks.

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Expand and Grow With a Dedicated Development Team

At Keeper Solutions, we believe in long-term strategic partnerships. Once your product is brought to market, a dedicated team of developers stays with you throughout the business lifecycle, helping you grow from funded start-up to established scale-up and beyond. 

Growth partnerships

Get Your Product to Market Faster Than Your Competitors

When it comes to building a new product, speed-to-market is absolutely crucial. Our outsourced engagement model can accelerate your software development process, helping you to gain a significant and long-lasting competitive advantage.

Open Up New Pools of Talent

Our outsourcing software development model removes geographical boundaries and gives you access to a wider pool of world-class developers.

Increase Speed to Market and Get Ahead

With outsourced software development, you can quickly scale up resources, allowing you to bring your product to market faster than your competitors. 

Reduce Labour Costs

We work with developers who are based in areas with a much lower cost of living and lower labor costs. This allows us to be much more cost effective.

Advantages of Multiple Time Zones

Having remote teams in different locations has become a huge competitive advantage as it opens up the possibility of around-the-clock coverage. 

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