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Introducing Our AI Design Sprints

Product Discovery –
Keeper’s AI Design Sprints

Every software development engagement kicks off with an initial phase of discovery and investigation. This takes the form of a design sprint. 

Keeper’s AI Design Sprints are used to map out challenges, explore solutions, create a prototype, and then test it. The AI Design Sprint is a 4-6 week workshop-based process, led by an experienced UX designer and a small interdisciplinary team. We use an AI proof-of-concept to validate how a solution can be enhanced with AI.

Gain a Deeper Understanding
of Your Product Idea

The main focus of the product discovery stage is to gain a better understanding of your idea, your end user, the scope of your project, the risks, challenges, and overall objectives. In this way, the AI Design Sprint can be thought of as a structured way to provide clarity. 

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Validate Your Software Idea Before Building It

Our AI Design Sprints help to validate your product idea. Working with you we test assumptions, investigate if the market is worth pursuing, and whether your solution is tailored to the actual needs and wants of your audience.

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Continuous User Testing To Increase Speed-to-Market

During the AI Design Sprint we develop a prototype and perform continuous user testing.These tests provide immediate feedback, serving as a litmus test for the solution’s market fit. Vigorous user testing drastically reduces risks, increases time-to-market, and informs investment decisions.

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Discovery to Deployment

When we partner with you, we become a long-term strategic partner.
Discovery & Investigation

Our clients take an active role in the discovery stage, helping us to better understand the company, its users and its systems. At the end of this stage you are left with a clickable prototype.

Build Your Product

Once you have your prototype, you can decide if you want to continue with your project. Once confirmed, we help you turn your prototype into a fully-fledged financial software application.

Deploy, Iterate & Scale

Building your product isn’t the end of the journey. Once your product is launched a dedicated team stays with you throughout the business lifecycle, helping you grow from funded start-up to established scale-up and beyond.

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