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Drive engagement, increase growth and push the boundaries of AI innovation by teaming up with software development partner that works exclusively with financial software.
Drive engagement, increase growth and push the boundaries of AI innovation by working with a design and development partner that works exclusively in the FinTech sector.

Team Up With a Financial Software Development Partner

To build a market-leading product, you need to work with a software development team that understands the many complexities of working with financial software.

Keeper Solutions offers:

  • Vast experience of building innovative FinTech software from the ground up.

  • Expert knowledge of the security requirements as well as the regulatory and compliance needs of financial software.

  • Detailed understanding of AI technologies and incorporating articifical intelligence into fianancial software systems.

  • Proven track record in technology-enabled lending, portfolio management, accounting and finance, payments and cards.

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Proven Track Record Working With Financial Software Applications

Keeper Solutions specializes in the highly regulated financial software space and knows what it takes to design and build a market-leading product.

Over the years, our team has:

  • Designed and built a leading point-of-need financing platform.

  • Developed and maintained the world’s leading dynamic currency conversion platform.

  • Helped one of our clients to develop and deploy a card payments platform used by the world’s largest cruise line.

  • Played a key role in building a first-of-its-kind core banking system for emerging markets, from the ground up.

  • Enabled a long-term client to build over $1.6bn in shareholder value, $390m of which has already been realised.

Prioritizing FinTech Security and Regulatory Compliance

By working with Keeper Solutions, you are ensuring that your product is built with a robust security system that complies with global financial standards and regulations.

  • Keeper Solutions is ISO 27001 certified and our developers are trained in ‘secure coding’ techniques to mitigate cyber risk.

  • We have a detailed understanding of regulatory and compliance requirements for the US, UK and EU. 

  • We can help you navigate KYC, AML, Fair Lending, UDAP, dispute management, PCI, and other money movement considerations.

  • When building AI applications we ensure that proper AI guardrails are in place so that they maintain fair and ethical standards.

“Keeper Solutions has been an essential partner since the beginning, helping us to navigate a variety of operating scenarios due to their sheer willingness to adapt and add value.”

Barclay Keith
Co-Founder, and CEO

Barclay Keith
Co-Founder, and CEO

Financial Software Development Capabilities

Tech-Enabled Lending

Together, embedded finance and open banking have fuelled the growth of tech-enabled lending solutions. With vast experience in this area, we can help you design and build the best and most regulatory-appropriate solutions for your business.


Payments are critical to building customer relationships and driving revenue. We can help you design, develop and scale high-volume payment platforms that comply with industry standards, are built to scale, and integrate into the wider payments ecosystem.


Lending, deposit taking, and payments are the 3 pillars of banking services. Banking technologies from GenAI to Open Banking allow for better client experiences and enhanced risk management bank solutions.

Accounting & Finance

Cloud computing solutions have unlocked a new era in the development of accounting & finance services. Our expertise across tax, reporting and financial management can help supercharge your product.

AI Software Development

AI is revolutionizing financial software. It is enhancing data analysis, improving fraud detection, personalizing customer services, and boosting operational efficiency. When developing financial software, we are constantly on the lookout for exciting AI opportunities and ways to turn our customers into AI-enabled companies. 

Talk To One of Our Team

Director of Fintech Atlanta, Hillery Champagne, talks Keeper Solutions

FinTech Ventures Fund II

Keeper Solutions has a strategic partnership with the Fintech Ventures Fund II, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage FinTech and InsurTech based in Atlanta and New York.

As a Limited Partner in the VC fund, Keeper Solutions is positioned to assist start-ups beyond funding. We work with companies who have just received investment, helping them to get set up and start taking strides right away. 

Learn more

“Keeper’s reputation for excellence complements our investment approach perfectly. Together, we can provide both the financial fuel and technical acumen startups need to hit the ground running.”

Lucas Timberlake
Co-Founder & General Partner

Lucas Timberlake
Co-Founder & General Partner

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Answers To Your Most Burning Questions

How do venture capital investors respond to founders that use software design and development services from a partner like Keeper Solutions?

Almost all of the companies we work with are venture funded, and we maintain a close relationships with a number of FinTech venture capitalists. They continually tell us that using a software design and development partner like Keeper Solutions is preferred as it allows the founder and team to receive high quality development services at a lower cost than hiring an internal development team. However, investors do want their portfolio company to have a Chief Technology Officer and a Chief Product Officer as part of the leadership team. These leadership positions should not be outsourced.  

What important criteria should be considered when evaluating a software design and development partner?

If you are looking to build financial software, you need to find a partner that understands financial services and the critical regulations imposed on financial software. The deeper the understanding of regulations the more likely it is that a development team will be to create software that is compliant the first time around. A strict understanding of information security is also a critical trait in your design and development partner.  

Why does Keeper Solutions focus on financial technology?

Keeper Solutions works exclusively with financial software and has worked with many companies in the finance or FinTech space. This area is dynamic, challenging, and full of opportunity. Our teams embrace the software design and development challenges that come with a financial software build. We are also big believers on the future growth of the financial technology market. 

Where do your teams reside?

Keeper Solutions builds world-class solutions for FinTech companies in Europe and North America, while utilizing an outsourced software development engagement model. 

We have a network of remote delivery centers in Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Poland, where the majority of our team resides. We also have a team of developers in Ireland, where Keeper Solutions has its headquarters. In this way, when companies work with Keeper Solutions, they reap the rewards of a more cost effective outsourced engagement model. 

How does Keeper Solutions support the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence solutions?

With growing demand, Keeper Solutions has made AI a priority in recent years. In 2023, we set up the Keeper Solutions AI Lab. This is a focused space where a dedicated team of our AI specialists work together to research the latest AI technologies and their potential applications in FinTech.

We have a small team of developers working exclusively on AI development at all times. While Keeper Solutions has a team of over 80 software developers, we try to ensure that at least 3 AI specialists work exclusively in our AI Lab. 

AI training and upskilling is also critically important. Generative AI is constantly evolving and we dedicate a significant amount of time on upskilling and training on platforms such as Vertex AI, ChatterBot and GPT-5.

We build Proof Of Concept Chatbots using the OpenAI API. However, we always recommend training a Custom LLM using an on premises/private cloud strategy. This supports a fully trained AI Chatbot which does not rely on OpenAI.




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