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Helping you build a world-class FinTech product

Building Your FinTech Software

Are you looking to build a market-leading software product and engage the services of a software development partner long-term?

We can help you build a world-class FinTech product that is powered by AI, reflects your values and is designed to scale. As a software development partner that works exclusively in FinTech, we know what it takes to build a market-leading product.

Work With a FinTech Software Development Partner

To build an outstanding FinTech software solution, you need to work with a software development partner that understands the industry. Keeper Solutions offers:

  • Deep domain expertise and industry experience
  • Detailed understanding of regulatory and compliance needs
  • A proven track record of working with FinTech companies
  • In-depth insight of AI technologies
  • Proven track record in embedded finance, portfolio management, accounting and finance, payments and cards
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Integrate Your Product With The Very Latest in AI

Do you want to build a FinTech software product that is integrated with the very latest AI technologies? Our AI Design Sprints and AI proof-of-concept allows us to investigate if your solution can be enhanced with the latest AI technologies.

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Helping You Grow From Start-Up to Unicorn

A compelling AI-powered software product can propel you to the top of the market. But that’s just the beginning. Once launched, a dedicated team stays with you, helping you grow from start-up to established scale-up and beyond.

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Reap the Reward of a Nearshore Software Development Model

Keeper Solutions uses a nearshore software development model. Our teams are based in delivery centers across Europe and Costa Rica. This opens you up to a new pool of talent and allows you to benefit from a much more cost effective software development strategy.

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Discovery to Deployment

When we partner with you, we become a long-term strategic partner.
Discovery & Investigation

Our clients take an active role in the discovery stage, helping us to better understand the company, its users and its systems. This takes the form of an AI Design Sprint. At the end of this stage you are left with a clickable prototype.

Build Your Product

Once you have your prototype, you can decide if you want to pursue it. Once confirmed, we help you turn your prototype into a fully-fledged FinTech product. We utilize an agile design approach, where we consider the user above everything else.

Deploy, Iterate & Scale

Building your product isn’t the end of the journey. Once your product is launched a dedicated team stays with you throughout the business lifecycle, helping you grow from funded start-up to established scale-up and beyond.

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