Supporting Atlanta-based Startup, Momnt, From Idea to FinTech Success

Momnt (formerly Artis Technologies) powers modern lending solutions, allowing businesses to provide affordable, low-friction financing to their customers at the point of need. Momnts’ API-based platforms creatively leverage alternative data sources and machine learning/AI-informed decision making to present real-time loan offers that fit each individual borrower. This is all done within the banking industry’s current regulatory infrastructure.

Launched in 2020, Momnt builds lending platforms that reach consumers when they need it most. The platform provides banks with fully automated loan origination whilst creating new revenue streams.

Momnt has reimagined consumer lending so that financial institutions can quickly and easily gain share of the market. By offering downstream credit through existing business customer relationships, Momnt drive demand for the goods and services of local businesses.

Key Takeaways

Launched in March 2020
Point-of-Need Lending
Momnt provides modern lending solutions for businesses to offer affordable, low-friction financing to their customers at the point of need
AI-Based Decision Making
Momnt facilitates more inclusive, accessible financing achieved through more complete data and AI-based decision-making
Atlanta, Georgia
Momnt is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia
Modernising Consumer Financing
With a mobile-first design, real-time payments and intricate machine learning/AI-based decisioning, the company is modernising how consumer financing is done
Momnt launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

Providing Momnt With the Skills and Expertise Needed to Launch its Initial Product

Keeper Solutions has been working with Momnt from a very early stage in its development. While the company officially launched in March of 2020, work started behind the scenes in mid-2019. Momnt selected Keeper as a development partner with a view to providing the skills and expertise needed to build its initial product, Artis Connect.

Artis Connect enables financial institutions to offer downstream credit through their existing business customers to generate high-quality consumer loans. The technology was built in response to the ongoing structural shift in how consumers, businesses and lenders interact. The product enhances the value of traditional scoring models by incorporating AI and machine learning-optimized policies and workflows.

Keeper Solutions provided Momnt with the skills and capabilities needed to design, build and deploy their complex and scalable lending platform, with an optimum mix of capability, cost and time-to-market. While Momnt had their core technical team in place, they needed a development partner that could help them scale their development operations quickly and with the right expertise.

About the Project

The engagement commenced in 2019
Initial Expertise
Keeper Solutions provided Momnt with the skills and capabilities needed to design, build and deploy their complex and scalable lending platform
Tech Stack
Django, Python, REST API, Vue

A Bright Future Ahead as Momnts’ Software Outsourcing Partner

To date, Keeper has worked on developing the front-end, back-end and integrating the platform with Automated Clearing Houses. ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a network used for electronically moving money between bank accounts across the United States. In addition, Keeper has provided architectural advice and implemented test automation processes across the product.

In late 2019, Momnt took the decision to consolidate all its software outsourcing to Keeper. Keeper has been able to scale up and down the team needed at different times and add the necessary capability in a responsive manner. In close partnership with Keeper, Artis launched their MVP in 2020 and has successfully proven its product across the loan origination cycle.

In August 2020, Momnt announced that it had closed its first institutional investor in a seed round, securing $1.5 million from Fintech Ventures Fund and its affiliates. With several more products in the pipeline, Momnt is a company on the up and Keeper Solutions is incredibly proud of the role we have played. As Momnts’ software outsourcing partner, we are excited about what’s to come.

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