Dedicated Software Development Teams

Keeper Solutions helps you design, build and scale  world-class financial software with the help of our dedicated software development teams that stay with you long-term.
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Full Stack Dedicated Software Development Teams

As your financial software system scales and grows, you may need access to your own dedicated team. Our dedicated software development teams have worked closely with a number of innovative and high-growth companies in the finance sector. We can provide guidance on preparing for seed rounds, finding investors, driving business continuity, and bringing added value to your users. 

Cost Effective Access to World Class Developers 

Keeper Solutions is committed to finding the very best software developers. Our dedicated team of architects, engineers and analysts work out of our remote delivery centers located across Europe, where cost of living and labor costs are greatly reduced.

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A Focus on Long-Term Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

We firmly believe in the power of strategic partnerships. We align ourselves with companies that share our values and standards. This emphasis on building strategic partnerships goes hand-in-hand with building products that are designed to scale long-term.

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Dedicated software development teams

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“What sets Keeper Solutions apart is the quality of its people. That goes for both their own in-house team and the quality of the developers they supply. It’s the perfect solution for us.”

Gavin McGahey
Chief Technology Officer

Gavin McGahey
Chief Technology Officer

Using Dedicated Software Development Teams to Help You Achieve Long-Term Sustained Growth

A dedicated development team is part of our end-to-end approach to software development which includes product discovery, product design, user-centric software development, AI optimization, scaling, and ultimately achieving long-term success.

Full Stack Development Teams

Our dedicated development teams include frontend developers, backend developers, UX/UI designers, QA specialists, and DevOps engineers.

Scale Up and Down as Required

You can build a team depending on the workload and current tasks. With dedicated development teams you have the ability to scale up and down as required.

An Extension of Your In-House Team

We work with companies who believe in lasting relationships. Our dedicated development teams should feel like an extension of your own in-house unit.

Advantages of Multiple Time Zones

Working with remote teams in different locations has become a huge competitive advantage as it opens up the possibility of around-the-clock coverage.   

Discovery to Deployment

When we work with you, we become a long-term strategic partner
Discovery & Investigation

Our clients take an active role in the discovery stage, helping us to better understand the company, its users and its systems. This takes the form of an AI Design Sprint. At the end of this stage you are left with a clickable prototype.

Build Your Product

Once you have your prototype, you can decide if you want to pursue it. Once confirmed, we help you turn your prototype into a fully-fledged financial software product. We utilize an agile design approach, where we consider the user above everything else.

Deploy, Iterate & Scale

Building your product isn’t the end of the journey. Once your product is launched a dedicated team stays with you throughout the business lifecycle, helping you grow from funded start-up to established scale-up and beyond.

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