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World-class FinTech software development since 2011

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Founded in Limerick, Ireland in 2011, Keeper Solutions designs, develops and deploys world-class software products for fast-scaling FinTech firms in Europe and North America.

With over a decade’s experience in the FinTech space, Keeper Solutions knows what it takes to build market-leading software products that resonate with users, are built to scale and use the very latest in AI and FinTech technology. Over the years, Keeper Solutions has developed long-lasting partnerships with companies such as Fexco, Taxamo, Momnt, Umba, and AccountsIQ.

How it Started

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How it’s Going


Keeper Solutions works with forward-thinking FinTech firms, forging long-term relationships, and helping them bring their most ambitious ideas to life.


We want to leave our mark on the FinTech ecosystem by building software solutions that impact the lives of millions and help our clients achieve unicorn status. 


We serve our customers by building innovative and compelling solutions. We treat our people, suppliers and stakeholders in a fair and honest manner. We contribute to our local community and endeavour to positively impact the world around us.


Keeper Solutions is guided by nine key principles that guide us on a daily basis. We lead by example and encourage our team to take risks. Above all, we conduct ourselves in a way that brings pride to us, our families and our company.


At Keeper Solutions, we do everything we can to create a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages personal and professional growth. As a team we always try to raise our standards, exceed expectations and have fun along the way.


Every team member plays an important part in a company’s success. For that reason, a portion of our annual profits is allocated to our people. Developers can also become part-owners of the clients we support through the Keepr equity sharing and stock option platform. 

Community Involvement

Keeper Solutions is committed to making a positive contribution to the community around us and protecting the environment. Since the very beginning, we have made a concerted effort to reduce our environmental impact and take positive action against climate change. As a dedicated Hometree partner, Keeper Solutions has committed to planting 1,000 trees and fund ongoing environmental awareness projects. Keeper also provides free accommodation to refugees from the war in Ukraine via its delivery centres in Croatia. 

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FinTech Expertise

Keeper Solutions specializes in the highly regulated FinTech space and know what it takes to design and build  innovative FinTech products.

Over the years, our team has:

  • Designed and built a leading point-of-need financing platform.

  • Developed and maintained the world’s leading dynamic currency conversion platform.

  • Helped one of our clients to develop and deploy a card payments platform used by the world’s largest cruise line.

  • Played a key role in helping an innovative FinTech firm to build a first-of-its-kind core banking system for emerging markets, from the ground up.

  • Enabled a long-term client to build over $1.6bn in shareholder value, $390m of which has already been realised through successful exits.

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Leadership Team

Stephen Walsh

Founder & CEO

Nicholas Holme


Mihaela Smadilo

Director of Service Delivery & Operations

Anne Marie Earle

Financial Controller

André Drougge

Region Lead Eastern Balkans

Tommy Marshall

Head of Revenue for US

Emma Wilson

Head of Marketing

Michael Walsh

Deal Manager

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