Keeper Solutions partners with Fintech Ventures Fund

Keeper Solutions, experts in the design and development of AI-optimized SaaS products for scaling FinTechs in the US and Europe, has announced a partnership with Fintech Ventures Fund II, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage FinTech and InsurTech based in Atlanta and New York.

The partnership will allow both firms to accelerate the growth of early-stage FinTech companies as they both understand the distinct challenges and opportunities these start-ups face.

As a leading software services firm specializing in SaaS FinTech products, Keeper Solutions has a proven track record in helping start-ups design, develop, and deploy MVPs that quickly gain traction in the market. Keeper Solutions has extensive experience in embedded lending, card payments, payments, accounting & finance providers, and SaaS subscription integrations. And, with successful portfolio companies already valued in the hundreds of millions, their methodology is tried and tested.

Keeper Solutions has team members across Europe and the US with offices in Ireland, Croatia, and Romania allowing them to offer start-ups a cost advantage. While Keeper’s technical evaluations and architecture recommendations ensure their clients’ products are scalable and robust.

The partnership with Fintech Ventures Fund will make Keeper Solutions an even more attractive software development partner for FinTech start-ups.

As a Limited Partner in the VC fund, Keeper Solutions is positioned to assist start-ups beyond funding. Once a start-up secures seed investment, it often seeks a software development partner. With Keeper Solutions named as the preferred development partner of the VC fund, Keeper can seamlessly assist these companies in deploying their investments effectively and efficiently. This will allow funded start-ups to get in gear faster and start making a return on investment.

“This partnership embodies our shared commitment to fostering innovation,” says Stephen Walsh, CEO of Keeper and Limited Partner in the VC fund. “With Keeper as the preferred development partner, we offer a holistic ecosystem that propels start-up success.”

“Our mission is not just to fuel the success of start-ups but to be a part of their journey. Our hands-on approach and dedication to our partners’ success have earned us a reputation for excellence. We’re not just investors and service providers; we’re partners in innovation.”

Keeper’s technical expertise, combined with the VC fund’s financial backing, ensures start-ups can turn their visions into scalable solutions.

Lucas Timberlake, General Partner at the VC fund, added, “Keeper’s reputation for excellence complements our investment approach perfectly. Together, we can provide both the financial fuel and technical acumen startups need to hit the ground running.”

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for Keeper Solutions, Fintech Ventures Fund, and the broader FinTech sector, setting a new standard for how investment and technical execution can work to drive disruptive innovation.

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