Keeper Solutions Partners With Sustainability and Biodiversity Organisation, Hometree, to Help Restore Wild Atlantic Rainforest

Keeper Solutions, an expert outsourced software development company for scaling FinTech, MedTech, and CleanTech companies globally has proudly partnered with Irish sustainability and biodiversity not-for-profit organisation, Hometree.

Hometree is on a mission to conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration, and education. The organisation’s main goal is to restore uplands throughout Ireland’s West coast as native rainforests as part of its ‘Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project’. The project has an overall target of restoring 4,000 acres of woodland across Ireland.

Sustainability is a core value of Keeper Solutions. Keeper is committed to positively contributing to the community and protecting the environment. Since day one, Keeper Solutions has made a concerted effort to reduce its environmental impact, better its surrounding communities and take positive action against climate change. By partnering with Hometree, Keeper will help plant 1,000 trees and fund ongoing projects, and contribute to school visitations, educational material, and monthly updates.

Keeper Solutions is delighted to partner with Hometree.

On the partnership, Keeper’s CEO, Stephen Walsh says:

“Hometree has given us an ethical and effective platform to contribute positively to the environment. Sustainability is a core value for Keeper Solutions and for me personally. I am immensely looking forward to working with Hometree.”

Hometree Co-Founder, Matt Smith, says

“partnerships like these are imperative to delivering our goals. What began as a tree-planting charity has now grown into a project that endeavours to deeply connect people with nature. We are happy to welcome Stephen and the Keeper Solutions team on board.”

Hometree has planted over 150,000 pioneer trees

In five years, Hometree has planted over 150,000 pioneer trees – like scots pine, willow, and alder, while building an engaged community and creating awareness and education for hundreds of people across Ireland. 

Up to 80% of Ireland was once covered in wild forests. Today, only 1% of these forests remain. Hometree’s Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project addresses this challenge by protecting fragments of Ireland’s ancient oceanic woodlands and creating new woodlands where they once existed.

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