Keeper Has a New Story

Having headed up senior teams with renowned firms like Perot Systems and Dell I recognised there was a clear need for expert, scalable software delivery services that combined two very different capabilities; reliability and agility. That was the main reason that I founded Keeper Solutions over a decade ago. 

Deep domain expertise comes from years of experience. That means a commitment to best in class processes, highly experienced talent and investment in systems, tools and talent. World class businesses that have scaled successfully have these capabilities built in. Agility comes from being lean, and flexible, and from maintaining an innovative, questioning mindset. I established Keeper to deliver on both of these skills. Now, world leading companies in FinTech and MedTech trust Keeper Solutions to design, build and innovate with them as their trusted technology partner. 

Keeper Hill is a Tipperary landmark near where my family and I chose to build an eco-friendly home. It won awards for its design and innovation. In 2011 I knew it was the ideal name for a company with the same values. 

Over the years, we have built long-term, trusting relationships with companies that share our values of innovation, reliability and trust. Companies like Fexco, Umba, AccountsIQ and ArtisAI. Together we have challenged, innovated and grown. We have continued to invest in our people and our delivery centres worldwide. However, we’ve never lost sight of the core values that matter most to the business. 

Keeper Solutions has grown. We have extended our nearshore delivery centres across the world. We are growing our specialist software partnerships into the US, where we have a focus on emergent technology such as cleantech, and highly innovative solutions such as point-of-need lending. 

To reflect our international focus, we have transformed our brand, to incorporate the lighthouse image that has constantly been with us in all our materials. Keeper Hill overlooks the Shannon and it was where our brand began. It represents reliability and security. The lighthouse image was always used in our assets, because it felt right, but wasn’t a part of the brand. 

Now we have incorporated the lighthouse symbol into the heart of our story, because it represents everything we stand for: deep commitment, reliability and service. Forward-facing but with deep and solid foundations. 

We are looking forward to another decade of growth and success as we increase our global presence in the US and beyond. 

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