Keeper Solutions’ Software Boot Camp 

The Keeper Solutions Software Boot Camp is open to recent graduates, past graduates or anyone looking to switch careers to software development.

During the Keeper Solutions Software Boot Camp, participants get the chance to learn from industry experts while being exposed to real-life software development projects. Students are fully immersed in a development and design environment, and get to see all the various components involved in delivering a working MVP application from idea to final product.

As well as the chance to learn and grow, there will also be potential career opportunities working with Keeper Solutions and its clients. The Keeper Solutions Software Boot Camp takes place over two weeks at set intervals throughout the year. At this time, Keeper Solutions can only facilitate applicants from Ireland and Croatia. However, we hope to expand to different areas in the near future.  

Joining the boot camp has been one of the most enriching experiences for my career so far. I discovered that there’s a lot more to being a software developer than coding, which you are less likely to learn as a self-taught developer (e.g., test-driven development, system architecture, coding best practices, and agile methodologies – just to name a few). I am grateful for the extensive support that I received, both from tutors and from my peers. People around us are such an invaluable learning asset, which can be overlooked sometimes. Overall, I had a great experience which accelerated my learning and kickstarted my career progression in a condensed period of time.

Corina, Former Keeper Boot Camper

Focusing on Javascript/React and Node.js

The Keeper Solutions Software Boot Camp will focus on the Javascript/React and Node.js languages. This boot camp is perfect for anyone passionate about building web applications that solve real-life problems. We will cover all aspects of working as a software developer and designing a software solution. 

Keeper is always on the lookout for bright new talent. Based on your progress, there is a distinct possibility that participants could be asked to work full-time as a software developer for one of our live projects. 

The successful student will have a keen understanding of javascript/react and node.js and enjoy experimenting on real-life projects. This boot camp suits students who are curious, open-minded and motivated by finding solutions that make a real difference to the world. 

What Our Boot Campers Say About Us

“It was a great experience. It was my first time collaborating with others on a project so it was important to learn an effective workflow and management of tasks. Nick was great at guiding us on how to work as a team and on standard good practices in general. I learned a lot.”

David, Former Keeper Boot Camper

“I learned a lot. Our mentor Nick taught us a lot about Django, Docker, Git and project management. Working in a team was fun and I met a lot of new friends there.”

Gabriel, Former Keeper Boot Camper

Next Boot Camp Taking Place in June 2022

This boot camp will be taking place in early June 2022. 

Please register your interest by May 26th.

How to Apply

To apply please send a brief description of yourself and your experience to

Please reference ‘Keeper Solutions Software Boot Camp’ in the subject line.

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Learn More About Our Boot Camps 

In January, Keeper Solutions CTO, Nick Holme, headed a new boot camp initiative from Keeper Solutions. Over the course of the boot camp, the participants get to experience the ins and outs of software development. Part of the course also saw graduates actively participate in Keeper’s Research & Development projects. We caught up with Nick to learn more.

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