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What it’s Like to Work at Keeper Solutions


Keeper Solutions is a market-leading software development partner for innovative FinTech and MedTech firms such as Fexco, Taxamo, Umba, Sweepr, Vitalograph and AccountsIQ amongst many others. We have over 60 highly experienced developers and an expert leadership team. Since 2011, Keeper Solutions has been providing scalable, expert outsourcing solutions for international customers, through our network of secure, remote software delivery centres. Our teams are highly skilled and expertly managed.

Our team continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and we will be undergoing significant expansion in the coming months. We currently have over 25 exciting roles for Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Python Developers, QA Test Automation Engineers, Senior Full Stack Java Developers, and a number of C# Developer and Mobile App Developer Roles. We are expanding our teams in Sibiu, Romania, in Belgrade, Serbia, at our centres in Croatia as well as a number of locations across Poland, and Ukraine.

There are a huge range of opportunities, but why join Keeper Solutions? In this blog post, we look at what it’s like to work with Keeper Solutions and why our people love working with us.

Why I love working with Keeper…

Keeper truly cares about making its people feel comfortable. The door is always open for employees to reach out and ask for help. The senior team is very proactive in addressing your requests and are always encouraging us to keep learning and growing. There has not been a single day where I haven’t learned something new. 

Laura, Costa Rica

Why I love working with Keeper…

I love working at Keeper Solutions because of the great work-life balance and the trust that’s placed in me. I can work from home with a flexible schedule. There is great confidence placed in us as developers. I am trusted to produce high quality code without managers looking over my shoulder. There is a great culture of supporting each other to get the best result.

Luke, Ireland

Why I love working with Keeper…

Keeper’s team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds. The people are highly skilled, ambitious and committed! Keeper has built an incredibly supportive environment where personal and professional growth is always encouraged. Anything is made possible in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect!

Mihaela, Croatia

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Work with a Global Team on Cutting Edge Projects

Keeper Solutions is a truly global company. We work with large, international companies and funded start-ups, helping them to bring new and innovative products to life. Our development centres are situated across Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Portugal, led by the senior management team in Ireland. When you work with Keeper Solutions, you are opening up a global audience and exposing yourself to different cultures and ways of operating.

But it’s not just the global reach that excites our team, it’s the calibre of the work. Many of the world’s most ambitious and fast scaling businesses trust Keeper Solutions to design, build and innovate with them as their trusted technology partner. With Keeper, you gain experience working in some of the world’s most avant-garde and creative industries.

Some of our longest running partnerships to date have been with leading FinTech companies in the US and Europe, where we work with blockchain, point-of-need payment systems and intelligent automation software. We have proven partnerships with blue chip pharmaceutical, MedTech and SportsTech clients, where we have delivered world-class architecture, UX and security. CleanTech and AgTech are rapidly evolving sectors that present immense opportunities for Keeper’s innovation and problem-solving capabilities. Working within these evolving industries is a excellent way to advance your own skill set.

Why I love working with Keeper…

I love the people I work with across the world. My colleagues are awesome, talented, funny, and helpful. I can support Keeper at any time and from anywhere in the world. I don’t feel like it’s work, Keeper is a lifestyle.

Ericka, Costa Rica

Why I love working with Keeper…

It is easy to progress at Keeper Solutions if you prove to be a diligent worker. We have an international team so it is never boring. We also have great team-building activities and social events!

Andrea, Croatia

Why I love working with Keeper…

Working at Keeper allows me to constantly improve my skills and interact with the latest technologies, while enjoying a great work atmosphere!

Ognjen, Croatia

A Collaborative  Environment, Where People Come First



Keeper fosters a dynamic ecosystem that is based on the principles of respect, reliability and innovation. We work hard to create an environment of continuous learning and collaboration. We invest in the skills of our people, and are proud of our principles and values. Keeper has a culture of respect, accountability, collaboration and trust. We believe that our people do their best work because we have created a positive environment that cares about each and every member of the team.

We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We listen carefully to our customers, but also to our team members who work directly with our customers. We are always open to ideas. We encourage every team member to take risks, to innovate, to deliver quality results and to feel unafraid of making honest mistakes. We want to create a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth. We invest heavily in training, upskilling and in furthering the careers of our people.

While we’re building this great company, we also make sure to have fun. We believe that great work comes from a place of enjoyment and we want our people to have a great work-life balance. We support remote working and give our team as much freedom and flexibility as possible.

We are also very proud of the spaces we create for our teams to do their best work. From our award-winning headquarters in Ireland to the bright and beautiful offices we have developed in Europe, we have created a culture and a working environment where our people come first.

Why I love working with Keeper…

By working for Keeper I have become more independent and self-organized. I am more careful about what I do and how I do it. The people at Keeper are friendly and kind. I work on a great variety of projects and know my team always has my back. I’m always given the freedom and opportunity to do my job to the best of my ability.

Goran, Croatia

Why I love working with Keeper…

I joined the Keeper family fairly recently. I call them a family because much like a family I feel truly supported and trusted. Everyone wants to help each other out and there’s a great sense of teamwork at Keeper Solutions. This is unique as although our team are spread across the world, the collaboration and support that exists is always abundantly clear.  

Emma, Ireland

Why I love working with Keeper…

Keeper Solutions always finds ways to support my development and I am encouraged to grow my technical skills. I get the opportunity to mix up my working stack when I feel the need for a change. I can take a deep dive into my favourite technologies every few years. Most recently I’ve gone through material and courses around project management and blockchain development.

Andre, Croatia

Ready to make an exciting career move?

Test your abilities and grow your skills working in a dynamic work environment. At Keeper Solutions, you get to work on award-winning projects with international clients. Not only do you make a global impact with your work but our management team work hard to help you develop your skill set and expand your knowledge base.

We are currently recruiting for a number of exciting positions. Visit our careers page for further details.