Keeper Solutions Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity 

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe on 8th March for over a century. IWD places a spotlight on the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, opens a conversation about the challenges women face, and raises awareness about discrimination and gender stereotypes.

Many organizations generate themes for IWD to place emphasis on particular topics.  Themes can be varied but the common denominator through all these themes is equality.

The UN has issued an IWD 2023 theme “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for gender equality”. It comes to light that there is a gender divide in digital technologies and girls are disadvantaged when it comes to digital adoption, have lower levels of access to and use of digital technology and often they are not benefitting from digital technology in the same way as boys.

Digital technologies are critical to many aspects of our lives including education, creativity, careers, and entrepreneurship. It’s essential that measures be taken to ensure equality is incorporated into every aspect of digital technology from education to innovation and the workplace.

We asked some of our female Keeper teammates to share their thoughts, advice, and inspiration to contribute to a very important conversation.

What does equality mean to you?

Equality means equal treatment; the same opportunities and reward for and expectations of people.

AnneMarie Earle – CFO at Keeper Solutions

In what ways do you feel Keeper Solutions practice equality in the workplace?

In the 10 years that I have worked with Keeper, I have never even had to think about equality – it is just there, always.  I am proud to be able to say that 50% of the leadership team is female.

AnneMarie Earle – CFO at Keeper Solutions

What advice would you give a young female starting their career? 

Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone make you doubt your capabilities. Fight for yourself and don’t take anything that happens in the business world personally. And if, at any point, you find yourself feeling unhappy or unappreciated in your current position, remember that you have the power to make a change.

Andrea Grgić
Operation Manager/Talent assistant at Keeper Solutions

In your opinion, how can workplaces ensure equality is valued and practiced?

Hiring a person because of their knowledge and expertise, not on a gender base. This applies not only to the exclusion of women but also to the other extreme – I’ve noticed some companies are pushing hiring women in their team, regardless of their knowledge, just so that they can say that they are respecting gender equality. And of course, offering the salary based on the role in the company, not on gender.

Tamara Bucić
Senior Software Developer at Keeper Solutions

As a female in a male-dominated career, what does equality mean to you?

To be viewed as smart and capable of achieving goals as we are and be rewarded for it the same, no matter the gender.

Petra Stipanić
QA Engineer at Keeper Solutions

How can workplaces ensure equality is valued and practiced?

I believe there are lots of changes already happening. Companies who care about giving equal opportunities to their female and male employees do that through various education, training, and “best practices”.  Good Companies know the mix of male and female competencies can only increase the productivity of the company and general satisfaction.

Mišela Golubić
Talent Acquisition Manager at Keeper Solutions

What advice would you give a young female starting their career?

Treasure every fail and every success the same. Failures are the best lessons you could ask for and success is what comes after you’ve mastered those lessons.

Marina Stanko
Junior QA Engineer at Keeper Solutions

Who inspires you the most?

The most inspiring female I know is my mum. She is the one who taught me that life can be tough, but you have to be patient and follow your dreams, because every hard period will pass and we will come out of it stronger and wiser.

Valentina Bednjanić
(Senior) QA Engineer at Keeper Solutions