Keeper Solutions Featured in Global Atlanta

In September, Keeper Solutions was delighted to be featured in Global Atlanta where Jorge Fernandez, consultant at The Pendleton Group, discussed how companies are using Atlanta as a global relationship platform

Founded in 1962 and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Global Atlanta is one of the city’s top publications covering international business impacting the city of Atlanta and the surrounding state of Georgia. 

Being featured in such an esteemed publication is a huge honor for Keeper Solutions. In recent years Atlanta has become a major global financial technology hub that is home to more than 200 FinTech companies. The top 15 public FinTech companies in Georgia alone generate more than $100 billion in revenues and the region itself is known as ‘Transaction Alley’ as 70% of the global payments go through Atlanta. 

Keeper Solutions has developed a significant connection with Atlanta in recent years, mainly due to our growing reputation as an outsourced development partner for American FinTechs. We have several clients operating out of Atlanta and have developed close relationships with a number of key organizations in the area. We are also an active member of TAG (Technology Association of Georgia), Georgia’s largest technology association which plays a huge role in advancing innovation in Atlanta. 

Over the past 12 months, members of our team have visited the city several times. On one such occasion, Marketing Manager, Emma Wilson, shared her experience

While we do not yet have a physical location in Atlanta, Keeper Solutions intends on opening an office space in the city within the next 12 months as we continue to grow our client base.

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In the article published on Global Atlanta, Jorge Fernandez describes how international companies are integrating into the Atlanta ecosystem and using Atlanta’s collaborative economic development community as a springboard to international markets. As part of this, Fernandez and representatives from the Pendleton Group spoke to our very own Emma Wilson about hers and Keeper’s experience of working in the area. See extract below:

“The fintech companies in Atlanta are genuine ‘people people.’ They value their employees, are respectful and build companies that make a difference. We are delighted to partner with them,” Ms. Wilson said, adding: “The level of collaboration is really something special. You can talk about it all day, but when you are there and witness it yourself, you’re very much blown away by it.”

A massive thank you to Global Atlanta and Pendleton Group for featuring us in this piece.

You can check out the article in full here