Keeper is celebrating 10 years in business! Today we mark a decade of software excellence, supporting the very best in FinTech and MedTech. 

[Thursday 19th August] We are privileged to announce another key milestone for Keeper Solutions. This month we are celebrating a decade in business, delivering outstanding remote software development to partners all over the world. We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on our journey and to thank everyone who has supported us as we’ve grown. 

Keeper Solutions first launched in August 2011. Having led senior teams with Perot Systems and Dell, Stephen Walsh recognised the growing need for expert, scalable software delivery services with a focus on highly regulated environments. He founded Keeper Solutions to do precisely that. He chose to headquarter the business in Ireland’s midwest, close to his RIAI award-winning home, Keeper House, designed by Scott Tallon Walker Architects. 

Since then, Keeper Solutions has continued to grow, opening up software delivery centres across the world including Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, and Russia. Early this year, Keeper initiated one of our most exciting chapters as we launched a new centre in Costa Rica. This location was established to better service our growing North American customer base. Our continued international growth is something that we also take great pride in. 

Our Growing International Team at Keeper Solutions

Over the years, we have built long-term, trusting relationships with companies that share our values of innovation, reliability and trust. This includes organisations such as Fexco, Umba, Taxamo, AccountsIQ, Sweeper, Lobby CRE, Vitalograph, and ArtisAI. Our customer base continues to grow and our team has grown with it. We now have a global team of over 75 highly experienced developers and an expert leadership team with significant growth plans in place for US expansion. 

Marking Our 10 Year Anniversary With Our Very Own NFT

Our goal was to mark our tenth anniversary in a meaningful way and engage with those that have brought us to where we are today. With this in mind we reached out to Tom Moore, a talented Dublin-based artist, illustrator, and printmaker, known in the art world as Cereal Tom. We commissioned a piece of art that would capture a number of things; Keeper’s values, the trust that our partners place in us, our commitment to sustainability and our vision for the future. 

Tom created a work of digital art inspired by vintage tourism posters. The piece incorporates elements of classical music, illustration and video. It features Fastnet Lighthouse, the inspiration behind our brand. The artwork has been mounted as an NFT on a carbon-neutral blockchain.

To mark our tenth anniversary we have gifted this NFT to all of the members of Keeper. This group will share in its ownership. The mix of creativity, innovation and collaboration felt like a fitting way to mark a decade in business, we hope to commission more in future years! 

To explain a little more about the collaboration and the inspiration behind the piece, we caught up with the artist, who had this to say; 

“I think NFTs are interesting for a multitude of reasons. But mostly because on one side you have people who see NFTs as a means of getting artists, for the most part, a fair price for their work. And on the other you have people highly critical of the massive amounts of energy necessary to power the network. I was grateful that Stephen was open to finding an alternative platform that didn’t rely on a huge amount of electricity for it to work.”

Founder and CEO, Stephen Walsh, spoke of reaching the milestone; 

“It has been a privilege to build the Keeper brand over the past 10 years. If I had to attribute our continued success to any one thing, I would say it’s about our people. Great people mean great relationships. Our partners trust us, because we have built relationships on shared values and respect. They treat us as if we were part of their own organisation. We form long-lasting ties that give them access to deep domain expertise that’s scalable.”

You can check out the full NFT here.

A Huge Thank You From All At Keeper Solutions

A special thank you to our team and the many friends of Keeper Solutions who’ve helped us along this journey. We are very grateful for the support. We’ve come a long way since opening our doors in August 2011 and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Learn more about NFTs and why finding a carbon-neutral blockchain was so important to us  – Understanding NFTs and their Impact on Art, Culture and the Environment.