Keeper Solutions Announces New Delivery Centre in Costa Rica to Support International Expansion

Keeper Solutions is delighted to announce the opening of a new software delivery centre in Costa Rica. Having already established delivery centres in Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, Poland and Russia, and with headquarters in Ireland, the launch of this latest location is another huge milestone for Keeper Solutions. The new centre officially opened in May 2021. 

Founded in August 2011, Keeper is approaching 10 years in operation in a few months’ time. The launch of our first North America delivery centre is a fitting way to mark the next stage of our journey. It is an exciting time for Keeper Solutions. In the past year, we have added a number of new locations, expanded our team, and have played a major part in helping our long-term partners achieve phenomenal success and drive Series-A funding. We also announced a new brand that we feel better reflects our global vision.    

Keeper Solutions currently has a global team of our over 60 highly experienced developers and an expert leadership team. The software development team in Costa Rica is still at a relatively early stage of development. However, we have plans for major rapid expansion. With a recruitment drive already in full flow, we plan on building this single operation to a team of over 50 people within 12 months. This would take our total team to well over 100 globally.

Keeper’s Growing Commitment to FinTech and MedTech Clients in North America

Keeper specialises in working with companies in highly regulated spaces such as FinTech and MedTech. Over the years we have forged long lasting partnerships with multiple enterprise-level companies and fast-scaling start-ups in these industries. This includes Fexco, Taxamo, Artis AI, Vitalograph, Ledgerscope, Umba, and AccountsIQ. One of our main goals over the next year is to add rich domain expertise in FinTech to our Costa Rican branch. 

The launch of the new delivery centre in Costa Rica corresponds to our growing commitment to FinTech and MedTech clients in the US.  Keeper is adding Costa Rica as a delivery location as it allows us to provide nearshore capabilities. This means that our Costa Rican team will be operating from a similar time zone to our expanding list of North American clients. While part of the support team is permanently located in Costa Rica, they will still be able to collaborate with our European teams as part of a hybrid offshore delivery. 

For Keeper Solutions, launching a software delivery centre in Costa Rica is a massive step forward but a relatively simple decision for us to make. With its proximity to the United States, Costa Rica is the perfect location for agile development, which requires clear, frequent communication on a daily basis. Costa Rica has an ideal central time zone for collaboration during work hours. For most countries in North America, there is at least four hours overlap which improves the ease of communication. The country has also invested heavily in its education system and it is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing software developer communities in the world. 

The opening of a new delivery centre is a massive achievement for everyone here at Keeper Solutions. We are very grateful to all the support we’ve received along the way. It has been an incredible journey and we are more than eager to see what the future holds.

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