Introducing Keeper Tokens – A New Way to Engage, Retain and Reward Your People

Keeper Tokens is a SaaS-based white-label product designed to reward and retain employees fairly and simply. The system uses cutting-edge blockchain technology and rewards team members through the allocation of tokens. Keeper Tokens is  a first-of-its-kind system.  The platform is fully customizable and easy to use. As it is a white label product, other companies can roll it out into their organization and customize to their specific needs.  

Innovative programmes such as Keeper Tokens have never been so relevant as the demand for highly skilled employees is incredibly high. Companies are under immense pressure to both attract and retain qualified individuals for their teams. The lack of talent leads to the stalling of projects, scaling, and innovation. Senior leaders are being poached, and the spiraling costs of recruitment and onboarding are threatening success. This leads to a war for the best talent, also known as the “war for talent”.

Experts say that to compete for talent, companies must focus on building a strong brand, and culture. Communication and connecting people’s role to the company’s purpose is also vital.

Keeper Tokens

The Importance of Finding New and Innovative Ways to Engage

Remote and hybrid working is now the norm. As companies continue to grow and the world of work continues to change, communication and engagement will become more and more crucial for companies to retain and attract highly skilled individuals.

Keeper Solutions set out to create a first-of-its-kind commercial system. The Keeper Tokens platform is designed to reward, retain and attract skilled employees.

Founder and CEO, Stephen Walsh, has long been interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Keeper Solutions has extensive knowledge of the many opportunities that come with blockchain platforms and apps. It is because of this that Keeper Solutions put together a team of developers to design and build the Keeper Tokens’ web application.

Keeper Solutions Launches Keeper Tokens

In October 2021, Keeper Solutions launched Keeper Tokens to their internal team of over 80 people. The initial token allocation was assigned and employees have been encouraged to register to the Keeper Tokens platform. Here, they could view the Keeper Tokens dashboard. Each month, Keeper solutions allocate Keeper Tokens based on a set of criteria outlined by the company. Team members can manage their tokens through the Keeper Tokens dashboard.

Keeper Tokens stands out from other employee engagement programmes or schemes and ​​cryptocurrency because it is fully customizable. This customization offers users full control of how, when, and why they reward their employees without complication or restriction. The opportunities for companies that embrace this type of platform are endless.

Other Innovations From Keeper Solutions

In August, Keeper Solutions celebrated 10 years in business and we marked the occasion in a very special way.

“Our goal was to mark our tenth anniversary in a meaningful way and engage with those that have brought us to where we are today. With this in mind we reached out to Tom Moore, a talented Dublin-based artist, illustrator, and printmaker, known in the art world as Cereal Tom. We commissioned a piece of art that would capture a number of things; Keeper’s values, the trust that our partners place in us, our commitment to sustainability and our vision for the future.”
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