A Quick Look at Keeper’s Range of Outsourcing Solutions

At Keeper Solutions, we help international clients to easily scale up resources with access to highly experienced software development teams. Of course, in the past, we’ve spoken of the benefits of outsourcing and some of the reasons why a company might choose to work with a software development partner.

This includes:

                  1. To gain access to a larger pool of talent
                  2. The be to be to scale up and down resources
                  3. To gain expert domain knowledge quickly
                  4. To outsource projects your business is less experienced in so you can focus on your core expertise
                  5. To bring products to market faster and more efficiently

But if you are interested in engaging with Keeper Solutions as a software outsourcing partner, what are the options available to you? In this blog post we go through our range of outsourcing solutions. 


1. Fixed Managed Services 

This ongoing, fixed-price model works best for international companies that have an ongoing stream of development work over an extended period of time. It’s an ideal way to increase development capacity in a low-risk manner, while focusing your core team on strategic transformation. Our developers become a part of your extended team for as long as it takes to help your business reach the next level.  

The fixed managed services model is about bolstering your software development resources without going through the often challenging process of building an in-house team. With this model the responsibility of recruiting, training and managing additional developers has been handed over to someone else — your outsourced software development partner. 

Of course, even with this fixed managed services model in place, your new outsourced software development teams can work alongside, and complement, your in-house developers. You can have a small group of permanent employees alongside a flexible outsourced software development team. Both in-house and outsourced developers combine to create a much larger software development department. 

At Keeper Solutions, our fixed managed service relationships are often medium to long term. Many of our developers have worked with the same company for several years. We’ve forged deep, long-lasting relationships with many of our fixed managed service clients.  

Note: There is often a lot of talk about different engagement models such as nearshore, offshore and onshoring. The differences are simply a matter of geographic location and time zones. Keeper Solutions has delivery centers all over the world. We sometimes work with clients that are within 1-4 hour time zones (nearshore), we’ve also worked with companies that are further afield (offshore). Companies often place too much importance on the type of engagement model. We find that if the correct systems and processes are in place, and there’s strong, open communication, the type of engagement model is less of a factor.

Learn more about the different engagement models here

2. Keeper Design Sprint (Design Led Development)

At Keeper Solutions, we use an agile, design-led approach and put design-thinking at the heart of everything we do. When working with our clients, we often undertake an initial scoping or discovery phase to test the viability of a product. Once successful, we then work with you to scale up resources and pursue a project long-term. This model tends to suit clients who need a fully managed solution, from ideation phase right through to the delivery of an enterprise-grade, fully-formed software product or platform. 

Often companies want to engage with a software outsourcing partner but are unsure of the scope of the project or what exactly they are trying to achieve. The Keeper Design Sprint framework allows us to map out challenges, explore solutions, pick the best ones, create a prototype and test it. When all is said and done, the Keeper Design Sprint results in a carefully thought out, well documented prototype of a recommended solution. 

At the end of the engagement, a proposal is given to the client, mapping out how many hours it would take to build the product, an estimation of costs and number of design sprints involved, and an insight into the viability of the product. 

Learn more about this approach here

3. Custom Software Development 

Our award-winning team at Keeper Solutions has helped clients all over the world to build their own software. We take a four-phase approach, beginning with design workshops, moving through use cases, UX/UI and finally to architecture. We utilize agile development methodologies and design-led thinking. Our team works with you at every stage of the development process from ideation to fully-formed software product. 

This solution goes hand-in-hand with our design-led development approach. If you have a custom software idea, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to one of our team today

4. Additional Services: Short-term Projects

Outside of our discovery-to-delivery services, Keeper Solutions offers a number of ad-hoc development services where our developers join your team on a short-term project basis. 

4.1 Web Application Development

Web application development is the process of designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining applications on the web. If you have an idea for a web application, we can work with you, workshopping ideas and building a fully functional, enterprise-grade app. This is a project-based engagement model, allowing you to increase development capabilities in the short-term. As with other engagement models we first provide an estimated proposal to suit your budget and timescale.

4.2 Mobile Application Development 

Our team of mobile app developers, UX/UI designers and QA engineers have vast experience at delivering end-to-end mobile app projects for organizations around the world. Our developers work closely with your in-house team, allowing you to quickly scale resources in order to bring your mobile app project to fruition. 

4.3 Quality Assurance (QA) 

Building an in-house quality assurance team can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Our expert QA professionals are available immediately and can help you optimize your entire testing process. By using an outsourced QA team you don’t need to spend time and effort training staff, setting up workflows and putting processes in place. Our QA engineers can help overcome any software testing challenges you may have. 

4.4 UI/UX 

Companies can improve the usability of their software solutions by outsourcing UX/UI consulting and design services to Keeper Solutions. Within our UI/UX projects we examine your requirements, create user personas and user stories, and establish timelines. We then create a clickable prototype and make iterative improvements until you are happy with the result. Once again, with our UI/UX projects we place customers at the center of everything we do and consider their needs above all else. 

If you are a part of an ambitious, fast-scaling international company and are looking to engage with an outsourced software development partner we want to hear from you. 

Get in touch today and we can discuss your options